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Sullivan Palatek D90PKU


Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Hinged canopy with gas springs for service access

  • Torsion bar suspension for stable towing

  • 14" wheels

  • Full adjustable height drawbar, 3" eye

  • Full shift fuel tank

  • Compact size allowing for smaller footprint and lower shipment cost 

Product Summery:

The Tier 4 Final D90PKU air compressor is lightweight for towing with smaller vehicles.  Easy access to control and service components, uncouple gas spring hinges allow the canopy to open 180 degrees.  The perfect choice for private contractors and rental stores. The Sullivan Palatek D90 portable air compressor’s offers a simple to use instrument panel that is equipped with a keyed ignition, a start/run valve for easy starting and warm up, warning lights, alternator, and glow plug operation, and an air pressure gauge.

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