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Sullivan Palatek D1600


Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Large 321mm Diameter Twin Screw

  • Automatic 0 to 100% Capacity Control

  • 8” Closed Start, Inlet Valve

  • 3” Service Connection • Oil Level Sight Gauge

  • Caterpillar or Cummins Engine

  • Steel Fuel Tank

  • Four Point Lifting Bail

  • Dual Axle Running Gear

  • Electric Brakes

  • Adjustable 3” Lunette Eye

Product Summery:

The Sullivan-Palatek D1600 provides low maintenance, high performance, and the most reliable air ends in the industry.  The design features profile 321mm rotary screws for high efficiency. Operating costs are significantly reduced because compressors can be sized to desired operating conditions. 

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