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3M #519YPT Premium Sandblast Stencil

Product Summary:

 3M(TM) Sandblast Stencil Products Premium 519YPT features a double liner for optimum support for center of letters, numbers and designs. The translucent yellow inner liner provides greater visibility of cut designs during positioning and blasting. The white polyester liner allows for faster stencil to stone alignment and cleaner hole punching and tracking through commercial plotters. Offers Excellent Blast Resistance and High Adhesion to Stone
Ideal for tractor fed formats,3M™ Sandblast Stencil Products Premium 519YPT helps protect granite, marble and other stone surfaces during blasting applications.

Protects granite, marble and other stone surfaces during blasting operations

It is recommended that this stencil be applied to a warm, clean and dry surface. When the stencil is applied to cold stone surfaces it is possible for condensation to form as the stone warms. Condensation can affect the performance of the stencil’s rubber adhesive. To minimize shrinkage, allow rubber backing to relax before applying to the stone. Rub down firmly to adhere stencil to the stone. Use 3M™ Sandblast Filler #2 to help increase adhesion and hold stencil to polished stone surfaces. Use 3M™ Sandblast Filler #3 on axed or frosted surfaces if increased adhesion is desired.

Size Availability:

15" X 10 Yd.                25" X 10 Yd.

25" X 20 Yd.                27-1/2" X 10 Yd.

30" X 10 Yd.                30" X 20 Yd.

32-1/2" X 10 Yd.


Medium Tack

Tractor Feed - IBM Plotter

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