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3M Stencil Filler  #2

3M Stencil Filler #2

Product Summary:

3M(TM) Sandblast Filler 2 is a rubber-based coating that increases the adhesion of 3M(TM) Sandblast Stencils to stone surfaces during sandblasting. Excellent for stone monuments, this paint-like brush-on coating fills cracks, crevices and other low areas for uniform stencil masking. It is typically used on smooth or polished surfaces for finer detail work.Sandblast Filler for Refined Stencil Details.  Designed for use during sandblasting operations on smooth or polished surfaces, 3M™ Sandblast Filler 2 fills cracks, crevices and other low areas of stone surfaces. This paint-like rubber-based coating helps increase the adhesion of 3M™ Sandblast Stencils to stone surfaces, and makes for more effective masking where detailed and refined work is required.

3M™ Sandblast Filler 2 brushes on smoothly and features a gloss appearance which disappears as it dries, allowing technicians a simple visual cue when the stencil may be applied. Any additional residue cleans quickly with petroleum distillate after sandblasting.

Fills cracks and crevices on polished surfaces
Helps increase holding power of 3M™ Sandblast Stencil products

Size Availability:             Specifications:

Gallon                                                 Syrupy consistency

                                                            Designed for smooth or polished surfaces.

                                                            More aggressive than 3M #3

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