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3M #1532 Hand Cut Sandblast Stencil

Product Summary:

3M(TM) Sandblast Stencil Splice Free 1532 is a green rubber sandblast stencil featuring a clear polyester liner for use in a variety of sandblasting protection applications. It is conformable and a superb choice for intricate designs. This stencil features very high adhesion for single liner sandblast products. Unpunched, it is ideal for hand, die-cut, flatbed and friction fed operations. Ideal Solutions for Detail Orientated Sandblasting and Stenciling
3M™ Sandblast Stencil Splice Free 1532 is a 34 mils thick rubber sandblast stencil with a rubber adhesive. It is designed for a variety of sandblasting protection applications. Because of its thick backing, this stencil provides excellent blast resistance, making it ideal for protecting sensitive substrates such as glass, wood and polished stone. This stencil cuts easily, cleanly and evenly. It provides clean, visible cut marks and works well with most stencil press equipment. The green colored backing assists in identifying the stencil, an important aspect when dealing with fine detail work. A high-release, polyester liner helps eliminate liner separation during the computer plotting process and aids in the ease of use and application.

Protecting glass and wood surfaces during sandblasting operations
Sandblasting pavers, stone and glass surfaces
Media blasting, shot peening, bead blasting, etc.
Small lettering
Edge protection

It is recommended that this stencil not be applied to cold stone because of possible condensation forming on the surface when placed in warm areas and should be applied to a warm, clean and dry surface. To minimize shrinkage, allow rubber backing to relax before applying to the stone. Rub down firmly to adhere stencil to the stone. Use 3M™ Sandblast Filler #2 to help increase adhesion and hold stencil to polish stone surfaces.

Size Availability:             Specifications:

15" X 10 Yd.                                        Medium Tack

20" X 10 Yd.                                        Hand Cut / Friction Fed

25" X 10 Yd.      

30" X 10 Yd.

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