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Wenzco Jib Crane

Product Key Points

  • Electric collector rings or air swivel (allow continuous 360-degree boom rotation)

  • Box track festooning

  • Boom locks

  • Rotation stops

  • Motorized rotation

  • Taglines

  • Special control enclosures (to match your environment)

  • Specialty paint finishes or hot dip galvanizing available (as well as custom designs for outdoor applications)

Wenzco Jib Cranes

Product Summary:

Wenzco offers a complete line of quality-built jib cranes to meet the most demanding material handling requirements.  Capacities are offered from 1/4 to 15 tons. Standard spans and under booms. Heights from 8 Ft. to 10 Ft.

Key Specifications:

* Additional custom capacities, spans, and options available

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