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Wenzco 6.5 Cu.Ft. Pneumatic Blast Machine

Wenzco 650 Blaster

Product Key Points: 

  • Pneumatic Deadman handle (electric controls also available)

  • 25 Ft. of Twinline Hose

  • 25 Ft. of 3/4" Coupled I.D. blast house

  • Boron Carbide Venturi Nozzle

Product Summary:

The Wenzco 6.5 Cu.Ft. Pneumatic Blast machine comes equipped with the Wenzco Conversion kit, which offers extremely dependable operation.  The conversion kit is easy to maintain and the valves are simple to maintenance without removing them from the pot.  Our blast machine improves safety with the use of the OSHA required deadman control for manual blasting operations, or push-button control for automation systems and full functionality.  The electrical control system will integrate with your automation system to shut down blasting in the event of a power failure. 

Key Specifications:

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