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Sullivan Palatek UD-Series

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Microprocessor: T1

  • Motor Starter: 460 volt, full voltage magnetic starter with 110 volt controls, Nema-1 enclosure, ETL listed and three phase overload with external reset and phase protection. Control circuit breaker protection. Other voltages available. Cooling fan protected by overload relay.

  • Separator Tank: ASME coded 200 PSIG tank, relief valve, minimum pressure/check valve, high efficiency replaceable oil separator element.

  • Fluid Fill & Level Elbow: One piece fluid fill elbow and level sight glass. Vented cap for pressure release when filling.

  • Protective Devices: Class 20 overload relay, high temperature and over pressure shutdown switches, and anti-restart pressure switch preventing starting while air compressor is pressurized. Anti-reversing control standard.

  • Cooling System: Cooling system with own motor. Large side by side oil cooler/aftercooler. Updraft for maximum efficiency. Easy cleaning.

  • HD Air Intake Filter: Oversized dry type, single stage with replaceable element.

  • Inlet Valve: One piece housing for dependable performance and full modulation.

  • Coupling & Drive: Compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment and direct driven by zero maintenance coupling.

  • Controls: Full modulation, solenoid controlled for smooth lowest possible no load power. Automatic start/stop or constant speed. Timed dual control.

  • Oil Filter: Spin on type mounted direct to compressor unit for ease of maintenance and streamlined tubing.

  • Auto/Dual Control: Compressor control that allows the unit to be operated in continuous run mode or with an automatic timed shut down. Auto control allows multiple machines to be operated in a lead-lag condition.

  • Air Cooled Aftercooler: Double pass air-cooled aftercooler with thermostatic control for maintaining the appropriate oil operating temperature and reducing the discharge air temperature to within 15 degrees of ambient.

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