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Trio 3 Step
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Trio 3 Step

Trio Wet Polishing Pads

Product Summary:

The Trio 3 Step polishing pads are made using the exclusive Geometric Water Displacement Technology Pattern design.  This Geo Pattern design allows water to flow across and through the pad more efficiently, keeping the pad from hydroplaning and allowing it to "bite" into the stone. This means the pad achieves a polish faster than conventional brick pattern polishing pads.The Geo Pattern design also eliminates the segments coming off on the outer edges of the pad. Polish inside bowls, over edges, tight inside corners of rectangle sinks and you will not have to worry about the pad coming apart on the edges. 
The Trio 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads really work. The Trio pads are packed with premium diamond and resin that are made to work exceptionally well on light and dark quartz, all engineered stone, as well as granite and quartzite. 
Trio 3 Step Polishing Pads are 3mm thick for a full matrix of diamonds. The edges around the pad are rounded allowing the pad to easily glide across the stone, especially inside bowls, ogees, and tighter radius profiles.
The Trio White Hybrid resin bond will not bleed or leave resin marks on light or dark quartz or any stone.

Designed to be the best 3 step diamond polishing pads for quartz, granite, and quartzite.

3mm thick
Super Flexible
Max RPM 4500

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