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Triad Dry Polishing Pads

Product Summary:

Dry diamond polishing pads for granite, marble, stone have just taken another technological leap forward with the Triad 3 Step Dry Diamond Polishing Pads.  Every element of these 3 step dry granite polishing pads have been revolutionized. The diamond triangular pattern is not just a good looking design. This specific triangular design allows maximum amount of diamond to be ceramic crystal coated. This offers the most utilized concentrated diamond possible.  Also, this triangular design deflects and releases the maximum amount of heat keeping the ceramic bond 20-30% cooler than other designed dry diamond polishing pads. 
The special backing that the diamonds are attached to is made to be extremely durable, does not release the diamonds, and offers amazing flexibility for bull-nose, round over, over edges, etc, and awesome on inside bowls as well.  The diamond grits for each step is a sophisticated diamond matrix bond that cleanly and smoothly transitions from one step to the next. This unique diamond bond on these 3 step dry granite polishing pads will achieve the same exact high gloss polish on granite, marble, quartzite stone as other premium 7 step dry diamond polishing pads. 
The big advantage of the Triad 3 step granite pads is speeding up the polishing process, especially on the job-site.

Triad 4"  Dry Diamond Polishing Pad
4" diameter Velcro backed 
Maximum rpm 5000 
May be used wet or dry 
May be used on granite, marble, quartzite, natural stone wet or dry 
May be used on engineered stone, quartz stone wet only

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