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Sullivan Palatek Refrigerated Air Dryers

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Sullivan-Palatek utilizes only environmentally friendly refrigerants. These low or non-ozone depleting products; HCFC and HFC have enabled a global transition away from environmentally destructive CFCS.

  • Single phase refrigerated air dryers utilize HFC (R134A) refrigerant.

  • A modulating thermostatic expansion valve gives a more effective refrigeration control over a wide span of operating conditions. It prevents compressor failure due to liquid return commonly found in capillary tube designs.

  • An adjustable hot gas bypass valve compensates for low load conditions preventing freeze-up.

  • Suction accumulators prevent liquid return on cold starts and extend refrigerant compressor life.

  • Refrigeration Suction and Discharge service valves.

  • All condensate drains are electronic timed solenoid type with isolation valve and cleanable Y-Strainer.

  • Industrial duty all steel ergonomic cabinets with high quality powder coat finish.

  • Power On/Off Switch with Indicating Light

Sullivan Palatek Air Dryers
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