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Sullivan Palatek SP32-Series

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Air End: Precision manufactured robust Sullivan Palatek SP-Series 321mm air end

  • Electric Motor: NEMA premium efficient 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460 or 575 volt

  • Motor Starter: NEMA Type 4/12 enclosure with Solid State Starter and 115 volt control

  • Lube Fill & Level: O-ring sealed fluid fill port and bullseye level indicator

  • Lubricant: Factory filled with Pal-Extra 44

  • Cooling System: Large side by side lube and air cooled aftercooler

  • Air Intake Filter: Oversized dry type with easily replaceable elements

  • Inlet Check Valve: One piece housing for dependable performance, modulation from 1 to 100%

  • Coupling & Drive: Compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment and directly coupled for increased efficiency

  • Controls: Microprocessor controller with sequencer, lead-lag and remote monitoring for up to 8 machines 

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