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Product Summary:

Pneumatic abrasive pick-ups allow for easy refilling of your blast machine with abrasive. The pick-up would be placed above your blast machine. Your air compressor does the work for you by causing a vacuum suction in the pick-up. A suction hose carries the abrasive from a floor hopper located in your blast room, to the pick-up. With an air consumption rated at 100 CFM, the abrasive recovery rate is approximately 4,000 LB. per hour.

Product Key Points 

  • Venturi-Style vacuum head

  • Storage tank

  • Pick-Up Tube

  • Floor Hopper

  • 16-1/2 Ft. of 2" Vacuum Hose

Wenzco Pneumatic Abrasive Pick-Up

Abrasive Pickup

Key Specifications:

*Capacity results may vary with media type and lifting height. 

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