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i 536

i-536 GTS Stencil Plotter

Product Summary:

The i-536 GTS is a versatile, high-performance cutting systems are widely considered to be the leading brand of choice for monument fabricators. .

The i-536 GTS is equipped withexclusive Gold Touch II cutting head, featuring an extraordinary 100 steps of digitally controlled force, adjustable from 5 grams up to 550 grams – the most versatile in the industry. The “Tangential Emulation” is a cutter software feature that allows the i-536 GTS to cut flawless V-lines and perfectly square corners in even the heaviest of materials.

Another unique feature of the i-536 GTS cutting systems is our industry exclusive friction and sprocket dual drive system, which ensures accurate tracking of media. The sprocket drives are engineered especially for processing sandblast stencil. They assure precision tracking, registration and cutting. Switch to the friction mode to cut, draw or pounce your other media. The dual drive system allows you to easily adjust your media sizes. The superb sprocket capability lets you easily adjust for 15in to 30in material. In the friction mode, the material can range from 5in to 36in.

The i-536 GTS is compatible with the industry’s leading design and layout software programs.

Key Features:

  • Cut monument rubber, vinyl, sandblast stencil, and more with the most versatile monument cutter in the industry.

  • Speed up your set up time with easy-to-use controls.

  • Rest easy knowing your equipment comes with a two-year warranty program.

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