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315 GTS
315 GTS
315 GTS

315 GTS Stencil Plotter

Product Summary:

The 15″ 315 GTS Monument Stencil Cutter cuts with speed, accuracy and precision from a small footprint, tabletop, sprocket-fed industrial cutter. With 16 pins engaging the material at all times, material handling is fast, smooth and on-target. The 315 will process all 15” punched media regardless of punch pattern (three-hole; slotted and uniform (IBM)). No material choice restrictions.

Operation is simple, fast and anxiety free! All settings are fingertip controlled. Cut force and speed are adjustable “on-the-fly”. There are no exasperating menus and sub-menus to work through. With cutting speeds up to 37 ips and acceleration up to 4 Gs, productivity is maximized. Cut, Draw and Pounce. The 315 GTS uses exclusive Gold Touch cutting head providing a selectable cut force range of 10 grams to 550 grams. With the optional Pounce Kit you can produce paper pounce patterns of any length.

The remote panel gives you full control of pounce hole size and spacing! The 315 GTS is compatible with all leading sign making software design programs. No need to change your design methods. Stay on track with how you like to work…and get it done faster! 

Key Features:

  • Maximize your productivity with unattended operation.

  • High-speed operation at speeds up to 37 inches-per-second.

  • Change your mind on the fly with options to change settings while the machine cuts.

  • Control every aspect of cutting, including drawing.

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