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PC-Super Epoxy 4oz
PC-Super Epoxy 1oz
PC-Super Epox Inj 50mlkit


Product Summary:

PC-SuperEpoxy® is a non-drip translucent paste epoxy suitable for conventional or static mixing. It has unlimited uses in bonding, assembling, filling and sealing most materials. Unlike conventional liquid epoxies, PC-SuperEpoxy® can be applied via a static mix nozzle vertically and overhead. It cures quickly at room temperature to form a resilient, non-conductive bond or seal that resists most chemicals, fresh and salt water, gasoline and fuel oil. Works great bonding steel to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, brick, glass, block, ceramics, hard plastics and much more. PC-SuperEpoxy® is the toughest, highest strength epoxy we manufacture. 

Work Time: 15 minutes and tack free in 60 minutes

Cure Time: 4 hours (12 – 24 hours for full cure)

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