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Nozzle Connectors & Fittings

Nozzle Holder for #1 Tapered and Flange Venturi Nozzles

BK-739 : Aluminum nozzle connector with 1/2" FPT. This connector can be attached to 1/2"                  I.D. pipe, for 3/4" blast hose.

BK-386: Nozzle Washer

BK-746: Aluminum nozzle nut for tapered and flanged straight-bore nozzles.

BK-771: Aluminum nozzle nut for flanged venturi nozzles.

Hose Nipple        BK739  BK386    Nozzle Nut

Nozzle Holder for #2 Tapered Nozzles (Ceramic and SWR)

BK-388: Double thick hose nipple, 3" in length with 1/4" pipe thread for 1/2" I.D. blast hose.

BK-395: Nozzle nut, 1/4" pipe thread

External Nozzle Connector

External nozzle connector for

1-1/2" O.D. blast hose

Nozzle Coupling

3/4" I.D., 150 PSI

1" I.D., 150 PSI

1-1/4" I.D., 150 PSI

1-1/2" I.D.. 150 PSI

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