Marco 0.35 Cu.Ft. Abrasive Blasting Machine

Key Specifications:

Marco 0.35

Product Key Points: 

  • Includes 10 feet of coupled 1/2” I.D. abrasive blasting hose

  • Solid rubber tires

  • Heavy-duty triangle handle

  • Dished head

  • Includes two type 1 ceramic nozzles 

  • 2-Hole Junior Metering Valve controls the flow of air and abrasive inside the mixing chamber, creating the optimal air and abrasive mixture for precision abrasive blasting.

Product Summary:

The Blastmaster® .35 Cu. Ft. L-Series Abrasive Blasting Pot offers a unique abrasive mixing valve that precisely controls the flow of air and abrasive during the abrasive blasting process. Typical applications include automotive restoration, decorative artwork, glass etching, and monument engraving. The lightweight design makes the Blastmaster® .35 Cu. Ft. L-Series Abrasive Blasting Pot ideal for mobile work, where the operator may be in an area difficult to access with large equipment.

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