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Kaeser M17 Portable Air Compressor


Product Summery:

Light construction, post driving, carpentry, and monument engraving are just a few jobs where the M17 is ideal. With a folding handle, oversized pneumatic tires, and compact design, this unit is easy to move around virtually any job site.  The M17 feature Kaeser's power saving Sigma Profile airend. This efficient Kaeser design maintains steady pressure ad signature performance to lower your fuel bill by delivering maximum CFM per Horsepower. Driving these airends are quiet but powerful Honda engines with modulation control which match air output to load demand.  It has a simple electric starter with keyed ignition and easy-to-read control panel. 

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Single stage, oil injected rotary screw airend with power-saving, proprietary Sigma Profile.

  • 4-cycle, V-twin industrial duty Honda engine.

  • Engine rated 21 HP.

  • Uses lead-free gasoline

  • Compressor and engine are disengaged for easy starting, even in cold conditions. 

  • Convienent one-touch electric start

  • Belt-driven with a three-groove power band

  • Control panel displays pressure and hour meter

  • Protective rotomolded polyethylene enclosure.

  • Vibration isolation for smooth, quiet operation

  • 4 micron air intake filters protect the airend.

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