Hybrid Polishing Pads
Hybrid Polishing Pads Pos 1
Hybrid Polishing Pads Pos 2
Hybrid Polishing Pads Pos 3

Hybrid Polishing Pads

Product Summary:

3mm thick 
Super Flexible 
Use Wet OR Dry on Granite
Use Wet OR Dry on Marble
Use Wet on Engineered Stone
Max RPM: 4500

The quality of the 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pad system is changing the way fabrication shops are operating The Technology developed behind these 3 step diamond polishing pads is truly an advancement that will change the fabrication process. In the past, we all knew that in order to get a real deep quality polish, 7 step diamond polishing pads couldn't be beat. Then we started seeing 5 step diamond polishing pads. Sometimes they worked on light materials. But when it came to dark granites, we would get good results but still have to use a buff pad. So when the 3 step diamond polishing pad system came along, many of us thought:"what is this gimmick? It is possible to work on light materials but the polish will not be there, especially on dark stone". In reality if you use less expensive 3 step pads, you may not even get that. In a 3 step diamond polishing pad system, quality and the price will truly set the pads apart. Cheap simply will not work.

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