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Hirons Recovery System

Product Key Points

  • Available in:   8FT. Model with 60" Horizontal travel and

  •                       10FT. Model with 84" Horizontal travel

  • **Both models have 30" Vertical travel that is adjustable with 55" Vertical range.

  • Compressed Air Requirement: 2 CFM

  • Electrical Requirements: 7 Amps / 120 Volt Single Phase

  • One year guarantee on all parts. 

Hirons Model "J" Automatic

Product Summary:

Model "J" Automatic unit is designed for the constant motion of automatic blasting and features full range of speed and independent control of horizontal and vertical motion. It is not an attachment or power assist for a manual adjustment curtain. This unit can be installed on your present set-up or moved later for future plans. This unit is also available with a blast booth, abrasive recovery unit, and cart and track system. The Model "J" Blaster easily mounts to the front of a prefab blast booth. The blast booth is mounted above the abrasive recovery system. Steel frame construction on either end of the booth, with rubber sheeting to protect from blast erosion, hinged doors, and pre-drilled holes for fast and easy assembly. 

Abrasive Recovery System: Continuously reclaim, move and lift the used abrasive within your blast room to the storage hopper for refilling your blast take with this abrasive recovery system. This eliminates sweeping and shoveling of abrasive during blasting cycles, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The system is powered by a 120 Volt electric connection. Cart and Track System consists of steel tracks, support frame and wheeled blast cart. The cart, with six V-grooved steel wheels and heavy roller bearings, easily rolls in and out of the booth and the tracks extend 8FT. beyond the end of the booth. 

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