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Product Summary:

Domo 10 A & B is a two part knife grade epoxy designed for all types of stone and will bond almost any surface. Even polished surfaces can be bonded with Domo A & B.

It is designed for permanent application and works very well on a variety of surfaces including:

  • Dry Surfaces

  • Polished Surfaces

  • Damp Surfaces

Domo is one of the strongest epoxies in the industry and will create a bond that is so strong that the stone will break before it will.

The following are characteristics of Domo 10 A & B:

  • White in color

  • VOC compliant

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Suitable for temperatures below 32°

  • Suitable for extreme heat


Domo 10 is used to glue and repair the following materials:

  • Natural Stone

  • Ceramic

  • Composite Stone

  • Concrete

It is also used to glue several different materials to one another:

  • Ceramic Stones

  • Metal-Stones (metal properly scrabbled)

  • Metal-Ceramic (metal properly scrabbled)

  • Metal-Concrete

  • Glass-Stones (glass properly scrabbled)

  • Glass-Ceramic (glass properly scrabbled)

Ideal also for fixing nail and metal parts and anchoring pivots, bolts, and tie-beams.

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