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Conversion Kit

Product Summary:

Convert your existing abrasive blasting pot to the finest blasting system available in the industry with the Wenzco Conversion Kit.

  • Extremely dependable operation

  • Easy to maintain. Valves can be fully maintenanced without removing them from the pot. 

  • Improves safety. OSHA required "deadman" control for manual blasting operations or push-button control for automatic curtains.

  • Electrical control system will integrate with your automatic curtain to shut down blasting in the even of a power failure.  Push button or pneumatic deadman controls are also available for manual operation.

The automatic plunger valve located at the bottom of the pot replaces your Reumelin, Pangborn, or other :mixing box". It is a favorite in the basting industry because of it's infinite control over abrasive flow, instant start and stop of the blast, and ease of maintenance. 

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