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Clemco 6 Cu.Ft. Classic Blast Machine

Key Specifications:

6CuFt Classic
6CuFt Classic

Product Key Points: 

  • Yard portable, industrial-quality blast machines manufactured to ASME code.

  • 1-1/4-inch piping allows up to 50 percent more air flow when compared with 1-inch piping.

  • Industrial-quality valves, piping and fittings designed to maximize air flow and minimize energy required to operate the system.

  • FSV abrasive metering valve maintains smooth, consistent, adjustable media flow.

Product Summary:

The high-performance 6 Cu.Ft. Classic blast machine is capable of removing contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coating from many surfaces. This blast machine provides a uniform surface texture while blasting, increasing the surface profile to create better bonding for coatings.

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