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Brut 150H Heavy-Duty Blast Machine

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Built-in funnel top for easy loading.

  • Semi-Auto pull-up closure

  • Uses most types of media's.

  • Squeezer deadman valve. 

  • Water extractor.

  • Pressure relief valve.

  • Air inlet & choke valves.

  • Abrasive metering chamber.

  • Operator blast hood.

  • Long-life ceramic nozzles. 


Product Summery:

The 150H Sand blaster is a 12" dia. x 27" h tank on 8" wheels. Overall ht. 34". Includes 70000 squeezer valve w/ceramic nozzle, water separator, 15' long 1/2" ID abrasive hoses, lightweight hood for face & eye protection. Has inverted top for easy filling, 3" semi-automatic pull-up closure, air inlet valve, choke valve.

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