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Boss MechanX

MechanX Diagram

Product Summery:

The MechanX is an all new concept in the Service Mechanics Truck and Tire Service Industry. This compressor has a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated frame and comes equipped with a fuel-efficient T4F Kubota diesel powered 3 cylinder engine. The MechanX is ideal for the tough work of the Tire Service and Mechanics Truck environment. Also, MechanX's versatility allows the work truck's engine to be turned off while you work.

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • High temperature shutdown on the engine and compressor

  • High pressure shutdown on the compressor

  • Low engine oil pressure shutdown

  • Engine speed adapts to demand

  • Remote mount engine start/stop control panel

  • Extend the life of your service vehicle

  • No more plugged DPF systems from extended idling of vehicle engines

  • Reduced fuel consumption and noise pollution

  • Small footprint in an aerodynamic design

  • The MechanX ties into the vehicle battery and fuel tank

  • Keeps vehicle battery charged

  • No PTO required

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