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Boss Bullet 2

Key Specifications:

Boss Bullet 2
Boss Bullet 2 - Standard
Boss Bullet 2 - with wheels

Product Key Points: 

  • Compact, strategically designed system

  • Provides output of up to 70CFM at 100PSI

  • No need for an air storage tank

  • 25 Amp alternator

  • Low oil pressure safety shutdown

  • Electronic spark ignition

Product Summary:

The Boss Bullet is a fully-enclosed, weather-resistant, Rotary Screw compressor that is driven by a gas engine. This compressor has the capability of providing an output of 70 CFM at 100 PSI. THe design of the Boss Bullet allows it to be used virtually anywhere. It is rated to be the most fuel efficient, quiet running, and maintenance free Rotary Screw air compressor in its class. It is available as either a skid mounted unit or wheel mounted.

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