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Product Summary:

The Boss DUS is a diesel engine driven, skid mounted air compressor. This Boss compressor is built to handle a variety of jobs such as paint striping, vacuum systems, and air tools. It has the cababiliies to be linked into the truck fuel system or have a separate fuel tank for operation. The DUS includes a 4-cycle, 4-cylinder, John Deere engine, with reserve horsepower when operating compressor at rated capacity and pressure. It is rated at 250 CFM at a maximum of 200 PSI when operating at rated speed.

Boss 250 DUS

Key Specifications:

Product Key Points 

  • Compact Design

  • Separate Engine/Compressor

  • Remote Fluid Drains

  • Two-Stage Air Filters and Restriction Indicator

  • Gauge: Engine Coolant Temp., Engine Oil Pressure, Compressor Air Pressure, Ammeter, and Hourmeter

  • Shutdown Switches for Low Engine Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temp., and Compressor Discharge, Temp.

  • Two .75" Discharge Valves

  • 0-100% Capacity Control

  • Corrosion Resistant Enclosure

  • Engine Auxiliary Drive SAE "A" or SAE "B"

Boss DUS
Boss DUS
Boss DUS
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