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Blitz Dry Core Bit

Blitz Dry Core Bits

Product Description:

High Speed Diamond Core bit for granite, marble, quartzite, quarts, engineered stone, concrete counter tops, and all natural stone.

With diamonds both inside and outside the barrel to reduce drag, heat, and friction, along with high diamond content segments, these dry diamond core bits will drill holes in 3cm granite in less than 30 seconds.

The High Speed Diamond Core Bits are built to be the best dry diamond core bit for granite and engineered stone counter top faucet hole drilling.
But they can also be used wet with Air Polishers in shop applications.

Use it Dry: These granite and stone core bits can be used dry for job site counter top applications. Which include: faucets, sink corners, creating radius holes, grommets, and other on site fabrication work. Just screw them onto a Makita, Metabo, Hitachi, or any other grinder, turn up the rpms and get it drilled fast!

Use it Wet: For in shop use, were granite counter top fabrication is primarily done wet, attache the  Blitz Diamond Core Bit to any air polisher, or electric wet polisher and run at least 4,000 rpm. It will drill just as fast, if not faster, than wet core bits.

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