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Wenzco Autoblast System




The Autoblast Blasting System is offered in 2 different options for different blasting needs. 

  • Option One: Complete Autoblast Blasting System with traditional, manual operation of abrasive recovery with in-ground pit.

  • Option Two: Complete Autoblast Blasting System with full abrasive recovery system. This system allows for zero time associated with anything abrasive recovery and sifting.

The Autoblast computerized automatic machine has multiple blasting styles and capabilities to meet different needs.


  • Circle Motion Blasting for precision, depth, and speed.

  • Straight line / traditional blasting to go over smaller lettering areas and / or panel frosting.

Other curtains state that abrasive is screened and automatically collected with no down-time for the reclaiming of abrasive.  The Wenzco Autoblast is the only machine that truly has no

down-time for abrasive recovery. 

Once the abrasive is introduced into the Autoblast blasting system until the point it is removed by the dust collection system, it is completely recycled. The blast pot self reclaims and self fills during blasting operation. There is

no down-time in waiting for a blast pot

to re-fill.


The lighting in the Autoblast Blasting System is one of a kind. Each room is equipped with a patented lighting system that allows for over 22,000 lums per room, offering high visability while blasting. 

The Autoblast Blasting system is constructed for extreme duty with a totally welded steel frame with heavy duty steel panels.  These panels are then lined with 1/4" blast resistant rubber for heavy duty abrasive blasting and continuous use. 

The Autoblast Blasting system allows for complete remote-in service for software updates and system-maintenance to the machine.

Wenzco Autoblast
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