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Anchor #154 Sandblast Stencil

Product Summary:

Medium tack, light blue liner. High quality, conformable, durable stencil coated with an advanced rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive. ½” on center hole pattern designed for IBM® sprockets. Tractor-feed holes are punched through liner and rubber. The specially treated polyester liner retains cut designs during transfer from plotter to stone. Recommended for single-process media blast carving of marble and granite.

Size Availability:             Specifications:

15" X 10 Yd.                                        Medium Tack

18-3/4" X 10 Yd                                 Tractor Fed /  IBM Plotter

25" X 10 Yd.                   .                   .48 mil thickness

25" X 20 Yd.

30" X 10 Yd.

30" X 20 Yd.

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