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Anchor #123Y Sandblast Stencil

Product Summary:

High quality, durable stencil construction coated with an advanced, rubber-based, medium tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a light blue poly liner. Has a yellow 2.0 mil poly film liner between the adhesive and rubber layers as an aid in identifying and adhesive residue remaining after exposure to media blasting. Designed for precision die cutting in roller and press machines. Unique rubber formula allows easy cutting with less wear on dyes. The specially treated polyester liner maintains design alignment following plastic dye removal. #123Y is recommended for single-process shaped carving of marble and granite.

Size Availability:             Specifications:

18-3/4" X 10 Yd..                                Medium Tack

25" X 10 Yd.                                        Hand Cut / Friction Feed

30" X 10 Yd.                                        48 mil thickness

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