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Anchor #111 Sandblast Stencil

Product Summary:

Hand-cut, high quality, durable stencil coated with an advanced medium tack, rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by an easy-release-treated HDPE liner. Designed for superior shape carving in marble and granite. Unique rubber formula allows easy cutting with less frequent knife sharpening. Controlled shrinkage gives accurate panel replacement after frosting. Recommended for maximum depth glass etching.

Size Availability:             Specifications:

12-3/4" X 10 Yd..                                Medium Tack

18-3/4" X 10 Yd.                                 Hand Cut / Friction Feed

21" X 10 Yd.                                         48 mil thickness

25" X 10 Yd.

30" X 10 Yd.

30-1/2" X 10 Yd.

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