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Akepox Epoxy

Product Summary:

For granite and exteror applications.  The epoxy-based Akepox products are UV-Resistant epoxy resins, and are superior to the polyester and acrylic based formulations.  Akepox products provide maximum bonding strength, minimal shrinkage, outstanding weathering characteristics and resistance to temperature change.  In addition, they may be used to bond natural and artificial stone to each other, and to other materials like metal, wood, glass, and ceramics. Akepox products have a setting time of 12 to 16 hours.

Akepox 5000 is a liquid, water-white transparent formula.

The Akepox 5010 is a gel-like, milky white transparent formula.  


The color of the Akepox products can be altered by the addition of the Akemi Coloring Pastes. 

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