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Hand Truck

Rachet Straps

Key Features:

  • Light weight, easy to handle

  • Soft and wide – does not damage costly cargo

  • Flexible, conforms to and safely controls the load

  • Large selection of end fastenings, winches, cam buckles and ratchets

  • Multiple styles of webbing and strength classes

  • Meet Department of Transportation and CVSA requirements

Key Features:

Load Hugger cargo control and load securement products are of the highest quality. They offer the van and flatbed operator a wide variety of options to meet Department of Transportation and CVSA requirements.

Two styles of webbing are available for our 2"-4" ratchet assemblies and winch straps: Standard yellow and Hi-Vis Tuff-Edge. Two strength classes are available for 2" assemblies: Single Stripe and Double Stripe. Standard Polyester Tiedown Webbing This webbing offers exceptional value for everyday use. Hi-Vis Tuff-Edge Polyester Tiedown Webbing The brightness of our new Hi-Vis Tuff-Edge tiedowns makes them more visible, easier to locate and harder to lose. Special black polymer edge yarns provide 32% better edge cut resistance for longer assembly life

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