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Blast Machines
Sandblast Machines

Brut Blast Generators

Model 101H, 150H and 300H Features:
*Funnel top for easy loading
*Semi-auto pull-up closure
*Heavy duty blast hose
*Deadman tip valves
*Water extractors
*Pressure relief valves
*Air inlet & choke valves
*Abrasive metering chamber

*Long life ceramic nozzles

*Observers hood
Model #101H Cat. No. GENESA101H
Model #150H Cat. No. GENESA150H

Model #300H Cat. No. GENESA300H

Marco 35LB and 150LB Abrasive Blasters

Model 35 - 35lb Capacity, with moisture separator, mixing valve, 10ft. of 1/2" coupled blast hose and two 1/8" type 1 ceramic nozzles. Available with or without 66EVD/153 KwikFire deadman shutoff

Model 150 - 150lb. Capacity, with moisture separator, mixing valve, 25ft. of 1/2" coupled balst hose and two 1/8" and two 5/32" type 1 ceramic nozzles. Available with or without 66EVD/153 KwikFire deadman shutoff.

Marco 350LB and 650LB Abrasive Blasters

Marco blast machines are available in 350 and 650 pound capacity sizes.
Blasters come standard with pneumatic remote controls, inlet and outlet valves, muffler, abrasive trap, 50' twinline hose, pneumatic deadman handle.
Bantam metering valve for precise abrasive metering capabilities.
6" x 8" inspection door for easy maintenance.

1-1/2" valves and external fittings for higher production and greater safety.

350 lb. Portable blast pot - includes 50 ft. 1" I.D. coupled blast hose, 1/4" blaze nozzle and moisture separator with fittings.

650 lb. Portable blast pot - includes 50 ft. of 1-1/4" I.D. super-flex coupled blast hose, 5/16" blaze nozzle and moisture separator with fittings.

Customized packages available to meet your requirements!!

Schmidt Blast Machines

Schmidt designs the most user-friendly abrasive blasters in the industry. The low profile for easier filling and the simplified design for higher production are just a few of the innovations Schmidt offers. Pneumatic remote controls are standard for increased operator safety and productivity. The Schmidt MicroValve gives you total control of the quantity of abrasive media used, from lightweight plastic to heavy steel grit and shot. Its infinite metering capability increases blast production and effectively controls media consumption.
Blast Machines available in 1.5 cu. ft, 3.5 cu ft., 6.5 cu. ft and larger
Please call with your requirements!

Empire Superblast Portable or Stationary Blast Machines

Whether you use a blaster to do occasional spot cleaning or for jobs ranging all the way up to high volume production blasting, there is a tough SuperBlast designed to handle it. These no-nonsense machines have been designed to cut blasting time by reducing the down time you inevitably get with convention blasters. Each SuperBlast is backed by many years of blasting know-how. They’ve built quality and dependability into each SuperBlast.

Blast Machine Converstion Kits
Don't Replace Your Obsolete Blast Pot.........Update It and Save!!
Convert your existing pot to the finest blasting system available in the industry with the Wenzco Conversion Kit
*Extremely dependable operation
*Easy to maintain. Valves can be fully maintenanced without removing them from the pot.
*Improves safety. OSHA required "deadman" control for manual blasting operations or push-button control for automatic curtains.
*Electrical control system will integrate with your automatic curtain to shut down blasting in the event of a power failure. Push button or pneumatic deadman controls also available for manual operation.
The automatic plunger valve replaces your Ruemelin, Pangborn or other "mixing box". It is a favorite in the blasting industry because of it's infinite control over abrasive flow, instant start and stop of the blast and ease of maintenance.
Deadman Squeezer Valve Assemblies

66EVD/153 KwikFire Nozzle Shutoff with Deadman Assembly
OSHA requires the use of a safety nozzle shutoff with deaman on all abrasive blasters. The 66-EVD/153 KwikFire is an effective SAFETY DEVICE operated at the end of the blast hose.
*Nozzle, nozzle nut and hose nipple not included

Brut Deadman Squeezer Valve #70000
For type #1 ceramic nozzles.
Cat. No. SQUEVA4

Brut Deadman Squeezer Valve #53000
For type #2 ceramic nozzles
Cat. No. SQUEVA3

Abrasive Cleaner

The cleaner's top tray removes large particles, and bottom screen permits dust to fall through the trays as the clean abrasive falls off the end into your receptacle.


Pneumatic Abrasive Pickup

Pneumatic abrasive pickup allows for easy refilling of your blast machine with abrasive. The pickup would be placed above your blast machine. Your air compressor does the work for you by causing a vacuum suction in the pickup. A suction hose carries the abrasive from a floor hopper located in your blast room, to the pickup. Air consumption 100 cfm, sand recovery rate approximately 4000lb. per hour.

Econoline Dustless Blast Machine

The ESB-007 is a recycling dustless siphon type blast system. It will etch numbers or designs into stone, steel, glass or plastic surfaces and reclaim abrasive and dust. Use it to remove polish from panel without taking the stone off your bench. The vacuum system removes the dust, dirt, and abrasive as the blast head is held against and moved across the item being blasted. It is a safe system, that is both cost and time efficient.

Micro Siphon Blaster

This is the most intricate of siphon blasters for doing fine detailed etchings. The handpiece delivers a needle thin abrasive stream from the .060 ceramic tip. Super flexible air lines and sensitive foot pedal make this unit easy and comfortable to work with. Requires 1-1/2 cfm @ 80-90 PSI. Use with 150 grit abrasive for best results. Cat. No. GENESAMIBL
Tyvek Hood, Safety Goggles, Foot valve Assembly,
060 Ceramic Tip and Pencil Gun Assembly, 20 oz. Abrasive Storage Bottle. (Optional .048 Ceramic Tip also available)

Brut Spot Shot Blaster

The spot blaster makes it possible to blast in closed premises without dust or splashing. During blasting, the grit is forced back into the filter bag. This is a siphon type blaster that recycles the abrasive from the bag.


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