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Blast Curtains
Sandblast Curtains

Hirons Model J Automatic Blaster

This unit is designed for the constant motion of automatic blasting and features full range of speed and independent control of horizontal and vertical motion. It is not an attachment or power assist for a manual adjustment curtain. This unit can be installed on your present set-up or moved later for future plans.

Air Requirements:
Electrical Requirements:
7 Amp/120 Volt, Single Phase

Available in 2 sizes
8Ft. Model w/60” Horizontal Travel or
10Ft. Model w/84” Horizontal Travel

QuickSand Automatic Blast Production System

QuickSand incorporates unique and exclusive hardware and software motion control technologies and features:

BlastReady Software - an easy to use software program for setting job parameters and system operations. It is a template-based program, which lets the user select templates with pre-programmed settings by material type or create custom templates.

Blast Optimization & Sequence QuckSand blasts only the required area, minimizing process time and optimizing productivity. It automatically directs the nozzle through the desired image path and controls the depth of impression through management of blast duration time. Its circular nozzle rotation process is adjustable allowing the creation of the desired edge/line definition.

ABC Automatic

Automatic electric blasting with ABC is the answer to fast, accurate production at lower costs. The ABC will perform every kind of surface finishing, from a light frost, to deeply carved letters and designs. Vertical and horizontal travel can be easily and quickly adjusted to desired speed and length of travel. The blasting nozzle is always directed squarely at the work for a precision cut. Electric motors and controls are industrial quality and are oil and dust tight units. Each unit is built complete and thoroughly tested, for your immediate installation. No additional curtain is required. Cat. No. ABCELEC

AC Drive with Variable Speed
82" Horizontal Travel, Speed 396" min.
46" Vertical Travel, Speed 8.5" min.
220V 1 PH-220V 3PH-440V 3PH (specifly)
Overall Dimensions: 11'-8"W x 7'-7"H x 20" Deep

Blast Room Fronts/Curtains

CURTAINS/ FRONTS make it possible for the blast operator to work in a cleaner and safer environment. From outside a blast enclosure, the operator blasts through the window apron, and is able to easily see the work area inside the blast enclosure, through the glass viewing window. They are 7’-6” high x 7’-6” wide. Includes glass viewing window, sight screen to protect glass, lights for greater visibility and counter weight to allow curtain to be raised and lowered easily to accommodate for a variety of blasting heights.

Room Fronts

Steel Blast Enclosures

Enclosures are constructed with heavy duty 14 gauge steel walls, roof and hinged entry door. Door placement can be at either end of the room. Also with dust outlet opening and sand baffle on rear wall. Enclosures constructed with opening for placement of your blast curtain or automatic. Blast enclosures available in the following sizes:
8'-0" long x 5'-6" wide x 7'-6" high
10'-0" long x 5'-6" wide x 7"-6" high
12'-0" long x 5'-6" wide x 7'-6" high

Blast Room Accessories

Replacement Sheet Rubber
for Blast Curtains

This black sheet rubber comes 72" wide and has a cotton reinforcement in the center for extra strength and durability. It can be used for replacing the rubber on your blast curtain, or for making a masking curtain for cemetery lettering, thus eliminating excessive patching. Cat. No. RUBBSH 1/16" x 72"

Rubber To Line Blast Rooms
1/4" x 48" Width Cat. No. RUBBSHO

These semi-live skids are very versatile in your shop. They feature: Varnished hardwood decks, 3000 lbs. capacity, 8 x 2 roller bearing wheels, sturdy 1/4" x 2" skid legs, a deck size of 30" x 48", an under clearance tongue of 9-1/8".

Semi-Live Skids

One lift jack can handle many semi-live skids.

Lift Jack for
Semi-Live Skids

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