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Air Supplied Hoods & Equipment

This air-supplied blast hood is molded in one piece with a rugged nylon tan cape. Sew-in neck cuff provides a physical barrier to airborne contaminants. Self adjusting head band, inner shell, and uniform air distribution assures a comfortable and clean breathing condition at all times. The 5" x 14" hinged outer plastic window is easily replaced through the window frame, and provides excellent visibility and protection of inner window. Cat. No. HOODBH88

Bullard 88VX Series
Air Supplied Hood

MB30 air-supplied blast hood is designed for light to medium duty abrasive blasting. The cape is designed to protect the workers body from abrasive rebound. Inflatable neck cuff helps maintain positive pressure to assist in keeping contaminants out. Replaceable 13” X 6” outer lens offers additional protection from blast rebound. With the hood weighing less than 21 ounces, the MB30 greatly reduces operator fatigue. Easily accommodates beards, prescription eyewear, safety glasses, and a hard hat for jobs that require head protection. Cat. No. HOODMB30

Bullard MB30
Air Supplied Hood

Air-supplied blast hood that can be used with either high pressure or low pressure air sources. The air evenly flows down the front of the helmet minimuzing lens fogging and cooling the user. Hood features: super lightweight abrasion resistant poyethylene shell with removable hard hat type suspension, multi-layered sound dampening foam which minimizes sound for the user, and a 28” nylon cape. Hood weighs only 3.4 lbs. 7-5/16” x 5-3/16” inner lens, 6-3/16” x 4-1/16” outer lens. Cat. No. HOODASTRO

Astro Air Supplied Hood

This ambient air breathing pump is designed to supply clean, breathable air to blast hoods. The pump is portable and oil-less, producing no carbon monoxide or oil vapors, thus eliminating the need for carbon monoxide monitoring. Maintenance is easy as pump has only 1 moving part. 3/4 HP - 10.8 A / 115 V.

Allegro A750 Oil Free Air Pump For Blast Hoods

Bullard EDP10 Oil Free Air Pump For Blast Hoods

This ambient air breathing pump is designed to supply clean, breathable air to sandblast hoods. This pump is portable and oil-less, producing no carbon monoxide or oil vapors, thus eliminating the need for carbon monoxide monitoring. 3/4 HP - 10.2 amps / 115 Volts, 10 cfm Cat. No. COMPFRAIEDP10

From a continuous supply of “Grade D” breathing air, this filter will remove moisture, oil mist, particulates and odors. Two hose outlet with pressure gauge, relief valve, and pressure regulator. Will not remove carbon monoxide, or other toxic gases from the incoming air transferred to the respirator wearer.


Marco Airline Filter

For Bullard air supplied blast hoods. Cools air supplied from your air compressor and air purifier. Cat. No. HOODBH88AC

AC1000 Air Conditioner

Observer Hood

PW Observers Hood

Heavy duty, canvas with reinforced vinyl front, bump cap and air vents. This hood provides comfortable protection for the observer. Replaceable window size is 5 1/2" x 7". Respiratory protection required with this hood. This observers hood is not approved for abrasive blasting. Cat. No. HOODPW


This respirtors design results in an effective sealing surface that instantly conforms to the wearer's unique facial characteristics. Requires only routine filter replacement. The Advantage 200LS respirator is approved by NIOSH for use against a variety of respiratory hazards. The P100 Flexi-Filters (sold separately) are 99.97% efficient for stray particulates in the air.

Cat. No. RESPAD200

Advantage 200LS Respirator

Lenses For Observer & Blast Hoods

Cat. No. Size (in inches) Hood
LENS35 3 x 5 H-30G
LENS4121314 4-1/2 x 13-1/4 BH88 & BH6 Inner
LENS514 5 x 14 BH88 & BH6 Outer
LENS56 5 x 6 H3, H4 & Observer
LENS5127 5-1/2 x 7 PW
LENS5181314 5-1/8 x 13-1/4 CC20, MB30 Tearoff
LENS613 6 x 13 MB30 SnapOn

For sandblast room fronts and blast hoods. This is a steel 40 x 40 mesh woven wire cloth available in 12" or 18" width by any length.

Cat. No. SICHSC - 12"
Cat. No. SIGHSCCURT - 18"

Sight Screen


Leather Gloves

Our 13" length all leather welding gloves are excellent for blasting or shot-shaping. Cat. No. GLOVE

These 15" natural rubber gloves are excellent for blasting or for use with strong cleaners.

Rubber Gloves

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