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Cranes - Truck
Cranes - Truck

Liberator Truck Cranes

Liberator 2000 Truck Crane

The LIBERATOR 2000 crane is compatible for mounting on pickup trucks, flatbed trucks, utility trucks or trailers. The 4'-0" to 6''-6"" extendable boom locks in four positions for lifting: 0°, 15°, 35° and 55° and fold down for travel. The 12 volt winch drum and wire rope pulley fully conforms to NASI specifications for diameter, and the LIBERATOR 2000 also features a lifetime maintenance free rotation bearing system.
Features include: 2000 lb. maximum load capacity @ 4'-0" with 2-part line and traveling block. Other capacities: 1450 lbs. @ 5'-6", 1230 lbs. @ 6'-6". Swing brake system helps control manual rotation. 10 foot remote control uses reliable solenoid control for winch up/down. Liberator 2000R feautrues power rotation.

Capacities of: 3200lbs @ 3'-0", 1500lbs @ 7'-0". 25' Remote control pendant, Self -contained 12 volt DC hydraulic system supplies 2.2 gals. per min., powered by high-output extended on time series wound motor. Automatic overload protection to prevent hoist up, boom extension and boom down. Large diameter, self-locking, all steel worm gear rotation drive mounted on steel slewing ring crane bearing and provides 360 degree continuous power rotation. 100% Solid-state control system has arc-suppression circuitry for extended life of switches, contactors and motors. Industrial grade electric contactors, no automotive type solendoids. Permanently lubricated polymer wire rope pulleys reduce wire rope wear. Boom extensions slide on low friction self-lubrication polymer slide pads. 8,000 GVW chassis recommended minimum.

Liberator 3200 Truck Crane

Liberator 4000 Truck Crane

Experience our new solid state control system. It utilizes reliable, industrial grade contacts which are sealed from the elements and our state-of-the-art arc suppression technology. This 12 volt DC electro-hydraulic crane virtually ends your worry of a breakdown in the middle of a major project. It"s the best electrical system you can get.

Features Include: Capacities of
4000 lbs. @ 2'-6", 1600 lbs. @ 11'-0",
900 lbs. @ 15'-0" (See Model #LIB-4000-PXTW15-PR). Self-contained 12 VDC hydraulics, no PTO needed, Choice of 3 mounting pedestals, Load-Cushioning counter balance valves on all lift cylinders, Safety valve on all lift cylinders holds load if hose fails, 12v DC 1.8hp reversing hoist motor with "In-the-Drum" braking for controlled load decent and hold, 3-part line for added safety - 70' 1/4" wire rope, 7' to 11' Boom, power or manual extension slides on low friction self-lubricating Nylatron slide pads, Winch line speed + 17 ft./min. single line.

360 Degree continuous, unlimited power rotation, No PTO required, 25ft. Remote control pendant (wireless available). Automatic overload protection prevents hoist up, boom extension & boom down. 12 Volt hoist motor, Load cushioning counterbalance/check valves,. Minimum 10,500 GVW chasis recommended. Capacities:
5000 lbs. @ 5'-0"
1562 lbs. @ 15'-0"
1250 lbs. @ 20'-0"
Winch line speed + 17 ft./min. single line.

Liberator 5000 Truck Crane

Liberator 6000 Truck Crane

Features Include: Capacities of
6000 lbs. @ 3'-0", 3600 lbs. @ 10'-0",
2250 lbs. @ 16'-0", 1600 lbs. @ 22'-0".
Self-contained 24 VDC hydraulics, no PTO needed. Choice of 2 mounting pedestals, Load-Cushioning counter balance valves on all lift cylinders, Safety valve on all lift cylinders holds load if hose fails. Smooth, efficient planetary hoist design with sealed gearbox for low maintenance and high dependability. 3-part line for added safety - 100' 1/4" wire rope, 10'-16'-22' Boom, power or manual extension slides on low friction self-lubricating Nylatron slide pads. LIBERATOR 6000 comes standard with a controller which supplies 24 Volts when the crane is in operation and automatically changes to 12 Volts to charge your batteries when the crane is not in operation.

Ruger Truck Mounted Cranes

Ruger has the right truck crane to meet your needs.

Tm Models feature hydraulic lifting by hand pump, (DC electric power-pak optional), 2-speed operation (except 1/4 toner), precision release valve, hydraulic overload relief, boom swings manually 360 degrees in bearing. These cranes are available 1/4 ton through 3 ton.

Star Truck Cranes

The star truck cranes are inexpensive but well built. They are available as hand pump or electric Models with capacities from 1/2 through 2 tons. Power for the electric models comes from your 12 volt truck battery.

Heavy Duty Ratchets

1-Inch Wide light Duty Ratchet &
Cam Buckle - Series 1,000

Standard length is 10'

Ultimate strength is 2,100 lbs.
Working load limit is 700 lbs.
Made from 1" blue nylon webbing
Ratchet buckle (as shown in picture) or cam buckle available. Cat. No. RATC1

Standard length is 27'

Ultimate strength is 5,000 lbs.
Working limit is 1,600 lbs.
Made of 2" yellow webbing Cat. No. RATC2

2-Inch Wide General Duty Ratchet &
Cam Buckle - Series 5,000

3-Inch Wide Heavy Duty Ratchet &
Cam Buckle - Series 15,000

Standard length is 27'

Available as Type B (shown) or Type A continuous
Ultimate strength is 15,000 lbs.
Working load limit 5,000 lbs
Highest quality and highest rated Load Hugger made. Cat. No. RATC3
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