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Cranes - Truck
Cranes - Truck

Tiger Truck Cranes

Ruger Truck Mounted Cranes

Ruger has the right truck crane to meet your needs.

Tm Models feature hydraulic lifting by hand pump, (DC electric power-pak optional), 2-speed operation (except 1/4 toner), precision release valve, hydraulic overload relief, boom swings manually 360 degrees in bearing. These cranes are available 1/4 ton through 3 ton.

Star Truck Cranes

The star truck cranes are inexpensive but well built. They are available as hand pump or electric Models with capacities from 1/2 through 2 tons. Power for the electric models comes from your 12 volt truck battery.

Heavy Duty Ratchets

1-Inch Wide light Duty Ratchet &
Cam Buckle - Series 1,000

Standard length is 10'

Ultimate strength is 2,100 lbs.
Working load limit is 700 lbs.
Made from 1" blue nylon webbing
Ratchet buckle (as shown in picture) or cam buckle available. Cat. No. RATC1

Standard length is 27'

Ultimate strength is 5,000 lbs.
Working limit is 1,600 lbs.
Made of 2" yellow webbing Cat. No. RATC2

2-Inch Wide General Duty Ratchet &
Cam Buckle - Series 5,000

3-Inch Wide Heavy Duty Ratchet &
Cam Buckle - Series 15,000

Standard length is 27'

Available as Type B (shown) or Type A continuous
Ultimate strength is 15,000 lbs.
Working load limit 5,000 lbs
Highest quality and highest rated Load Hugger made. Cat. No. RATC3
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